Thursday, 3 September 2015

Beautiful Boxes: Food for Your Eyes, 1

Things discussed: Triennale; Arts&Foods; Expo 2015; Impractical Furniture; 3-D Encyclopedias; Dioramas; Liver Cleavers; Houses of Better Days.

Special/Expo 2015
written by f

In the course its three "acts", Arts&Foods lets you see atomic shelters and space pods, avant-garde kitchens and bourgeois dining rooms, cocktail bars and wildly impractical furniture; a fully built temporary house; model cargo ships from a bygone era; tiny people buying tiny groceries and even tinier people tormented in a McDonald's hell; huts made of bread, and couches made of bread, and igloos, also made of bread. And giant hot dogs having a nap by the campfire. 

While We Lay Awake

Things discussed: Reboots; Art Biennale; Expo 2015; Enthusiasm; Vast Oceans Unspoken.

Special/Expo 2015Special/Biennale 2015
written by e&f

It's been a very long hiatus. But how long can a hiatus be before ushering a reboot?